10 Best Air Pump for Inflatables Reviews By Consumer Report for 2022

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When it comes to blowing up inflatables, whether it’s for camping or other activities, having a quality pump can make the process easier. Air pumps come in many styles and sizes. They can also vary greatly by price based on their quality and features. When choosing an air pump it’s important to consider how you plan to use it so you can choose the best option.

Some air pumps are powered by batteries while others are powered by electricity. They both have their advantages. Battery powered pumps are ideal for outdoor use where you may not have access to an outlet. Electric pumps tend to work faster and more efficiently. The following is a list of the 10 best air pumps for inflatables based on reviews by consumer report.

Electric Air Pump for Inflatables Air Mattress Pump Air Bed Pool Toy Raft Boat Quick Electric Air Pump Black (AC Pump(130W))
Rechargeable Air Pump, Dr.meter HT-420 Portable Electric Air Pump Quick-Fill Inflator Deflator Air Mattress Pump (Rechargeable Air Pump)
Jasonwell Electric Air Pump Portable Quick-Fill AC DC Inflator Deflator Pump for Air Mattress Inflatables Pool Floats Water Toy Raft Bed Boat Pool Toy with Nozzles110-240 V
Coleman Air Pump | QuickPump 120V Air Pump
KERUITA Electric Air Pump for Inflatables Air Mattress Pump 110V AC/12V DC Airbed Boat Pool Raft Inflatable Pump with 3 Nozzles Black (ACDC)
Battery Air Pump, Dr.meter HT-401 Electric Air Mattress Pump Quick-Fill Inflator/Deflator with 3 Nozzles for Camping Inflatables Raft Bed Boat Pool Toy Batteries/AC 110-120V/ DC 12V Powered
Electric Air Pump for Inflatables, ONG NAMO Portable Quick Air Pump with 3 Nozzles for Air Mattresses Beds Boats Swimming Ring Inflatable Pool Toys 110V AC (130W)
Etekcity Electric Air Pump Air Mattress Portable Pump for Inflatables Couch, Pool Floats, Blow up Pool Raft Bed Boat Toy,Quick-Fill AC Inflator Deflator with 3 Nozzles,110-120 Volt
OlarHike Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Mattress Pump for Pool Floats, Rechargeable Inflator Deflator with 110V AC & 12V DC Adapter, Black
Electric Air Pump, AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump with 3 Nozzles, 110V AC/12V DC, Perfect Inflator/Deflator Pumps for Outdoor Camping, Inflatable Cushions, Air Mattress Beds, Boats, Swimming Ring

10. Electric Air Pump for Inflatables

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The electric air pump for inflatables from BOMPOW is affordable and easy to use. This pump can be used for inflatable toys, pool floats, air mattresses and more. It includes a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

This pump has several attachments to work with most types of inflatables. The power cord included on the unit is around 5 feet long. This unit is small and can fit in the palm of your hand but it’s powerful enough to inflate most things quickly.

9. Rechargeable Air Pump

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The rechargeable air pump from Dr. meter has a cordless design that makes it ideal for outdoor use. This unit has a powerful lithium battery that can be recharged so you never have to worry about changing the batteries.

This air pump has a builtin USB port so you can charge it in your home or car. It has a small, but powerful, motor that’s designed to maximize air flow to inflate quickly. It small and lightweight to fit in your backpack or luggage.

8. Jasonwell Electric Air Pump

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The Jasonwell electric air pump is budget-friendly and ideal for travel. This compact electric air compressor includes a power cord to plug into standard outlet and one that plugs into a car cigarette lighter.

This air pump can be used with most types of inflatables that don’t require needles. It has a sleek design so you can carry it with you when you need it. The pump includes 3 different nozzles.

7. Coleman QuickPump

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The Coleman QuickPump is designed to plug into 120v outlets so you can use it nearly anywhere. This pump is compact in size so you can travel with it as needed.

This powerful air pump from Coleman works with airbeds and other inflatables. It is able to inflate and deflate quickly to save time and effort. The pump includes Boston and pink valve adapters so you can use it on different types of inflatables.

6. KERUITA Electric Air Pump

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The KERUITA Electric Air Pump is affordable and made of high quality materials. This air pump can fill most air mattresses in half the time of other air pumps.

This air pump from KERUITA can be powered through a car cigarette lighter or through an electric power cord. Both cords are included with the pump.The pump comes with several nozzles and includes an 18 month warranty.

5. Electric Air Pump

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This air pump from Dr. meter is perfect if you’re looking for an option that can be used for nearly any outdoor use. This pump is powered by 8 AA batteries, by the included electric power cord, or by the included cigarette lighter cord.

This air pump is versatile and easy to use. It comes with 3 different nozzles that are easy to attach and detach. The pump can quickly inflate or deflate air mattresses, pool inflatables, and more.

4. Electric Air Pump for Inflatables

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The Electric Air Pump for Inflatables from ONG NAMO is very portable. This unit and the included 3 nozzles can easily fit into your luggage or your camping gear for use on the go.

This air pump can be used for most inflatables to inflate or deflate quickly. It has a long power cord which makes it easy to use anywhere you have access to an outlet.

3. Etekcity Electric Air Pump

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The Etekcity Electric Air Pump has a high pressure design to inflate most inflatable items very quickly. This unit is small and lightweight but still powerful enough to be used for air mattresses and other large items.

This air pump from Etekcity has simple controls which makes it easy to operate. It includes 3 different nozzles for use with various types of inflatables.

2. OlarHike Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Mattress Pump

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The OlarHike Portable Quick-Fill air pump includes a charging adapter for use in your car or inside your home. This air pump works well for inflating or deflating air mattresses and other types of inflatables.

This air pump from OlarHike includes 3 nozzles of different sizes. The pump is rechargeable which makes it a great option for use with camping and other outdoor activities.

1. Electric Air Pump

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The electric air pump from AGPTEK is budget-friendly and portable. This pump can inflate or deflate pool floats, air mattresses, inflatable cushions, and more.

This air pump can be powered by plugging into a car outlet or your standard electrical outlet. Both power cords are included. It comes with 3 detachable nozzles for use with different types of inflatables.

Most air pumps are simple to use. Many are designed to turn off automatically when they get hot to prevent overheating. This safety feature is very useful if you’re camping or doing some other activity where you need to blow up many inflatables at once. Most air pumps are small so you can travel with them as needed. Some will include several different attachments so they can work for different types of inflatables.

When you’re shopping for an air pump to use with your inflatables you may want to consider the consumer reviews from others who have purchased and used the pump. These reviews can provide you with information on how well the pump works and how long it lasts. Battery powered pumps can be convenient but they may not be as powerful as electric pumps.

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